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Historical background to Umag

Umag was founded by the Romans. The Romans established their country estates in Umag. During mediaeval times Umag belonged to diocese of Trieste, until Umag devolved toVenice in 1268. Umag was important for Venice, because of the port of export for istrian wine. Until 1797 Umag belonged to Venice, then Napoleon delivered Umag to Austria-Hungary. Till 1918 Umag belonged to Austria-Hungary, after 1918 Umag belonged to Italy. From 1945 to 1953 Umag was part of the Free Staate Trieste. As recently as 1954 Umag belongs to Croatia.

Reiseführer Umag

The town gate and the drawbrigde arised in the10th century, the city wall and the defence towers arised in the 14th century. Over the years the settlement displaced from peninsula to mainland because of better land.

Reiseführer Umag

The old settlement has maintained her natural mediaeval charm till today. Today Umag is a famous resort with many hotels and leisure facilities.

Reiseführer Umag

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